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Wario and Waluigi Arguments are a series of recordings starring the two famous bickering brothers off from Super Mario Bros. and into reality, Wario and Waluigi created by two friends, Eric Grasso and Jesse Bixler.

Wario and Waluigi Arguments informationEdit

Hello everyone! This is Eric Grasso and I'm going to talk about Wario and Waluigi arguments. Wario and Waluigi Arguments are a series of recordings created by me and my friend, Jesse Bixler. In the recordings, I play as Wario while Jesse plays as Waluigi. We started the series in Spring 2012. We think of many hilarious ideas for the series such as crude humor, comedy, stuff that doesn't make sense, and etc. The recordings are now converted into videos on YouTube so all of you can now check them out. My YouTube Channel is Eric Grasso.  This is the wiki that gives you all the information about it. Hope you enjoy! 

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